Thursday, September 19, 2013

Reminder that knowing your equipment is SO important!!

I recently had my bicycle stolen the day before I was to race Ironman France.  Aside from the sheer devastation of the event at that moment (and race day), the aftermath of it continues to plague me in my daily training and racing.  It makes me appreciate, absolutely, the benefit of knowing your equipment inside and out.

I was lucky enough to have the good folks at Brands Cycles and Reilly Cycling Tours come to bat for me to help get me onto a new bike in relatively short time, without breaking the bank.  For that I am eternally grateful!  Now the time of adjustment, tweaking, finding the best place to store your gels, spare tire, PitStop, how to adjust this and that, etc, etc, etc. is upon me - and not quite fading into the background yet.  I am almost there, but it has taken over 3 months to get back to where I was on the previous bike.  Some time in the Faster wind tunnel has helped me too!

Therefore, I am absolutely bewildered why anyone would want to, of their own accord, change their setup, gear or nutrition in the days leading up to a race.  I had a really nice lady approach me the day before Ironman Canada as I was adjusting my bike (I had only had it for a day or two before I got to Canada).  She noticed I kept my disc wheel on when so many age groupers were switching out for their non-disc alternatives and asked why I chose to keep it on.  Apart from I did not think the wind would be that bad on race day (and it wasn't), I told her it was what I was most used to racing on at this point, and above all I go with what I know before I change sides last minute just because 'everyone else is doing it'.

Not only do I think I answered her correctly (thereby proving the point she was trying to make to her husband), but she thanked me many times over for calming her nerves and making her feel secure in her equipment.  I'm glad I could help! 

So, take the time to get to know your equipment up and down; it will be one less thing to think (or worry) about come race day.  Do your homework well ahead of time.  Don't get sucked into what everyone else is doing around you.  Be confident in your decisions and I bet it will show on race day!

Now, where did I put that allen wrench?  :)

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